Alicia Deriu

Alicia is a young, vibrant receptionist, starting out on her career as a medical receptionist. Alicia has previously worked in retail and as a receptionist for an Insurance Broker. In both of these roles Alicia learnt the importance of excellent communication skills in providing a great customer experience.  Alicia has strong links to the local area, completing her Year 12 VCE at St Francis Xavier in Berwick and working for Berwick giftware store, iBare.

Alicia’s experience as a receptionist for an Insurance Broker demonstrated her willingness to keep learning and take on new challenges, exemplified by completing a cert 3 in Insurance Broking and becoming involved with marketing for the business. However as a receptionist Alicia says “My biggest role was communicating with clients. I found my niche in being the friendly face of the business when people first walked in. I really enjoyed the opportunity to interact with customers and help them out.”

Alicia has chosen to continue her career in reception by joining GLOW Clinic. “My experience so far at GLOW has been nothing less than amazing. I’ve had the opportunity in a few short months to work closely with very intelligent men and women who I’ve got so much to learn from. It’s been a big jump from my pervious jobs but definitely been worth it. When I first heard about the job opportunity at GLOW I was both nervous and excited to apply. I was intrigued by the work they do, their unique vision and philosophy for the company.”

We are fortunate to have Alicia as part of the team and enjoy her energy, drive, bubbly nature and maturity beyond her 22 years.
We had better watch out though as Alicia says “Working at GLOW has also made me very clucky and has shown me how beautiful motherhood is.”

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