Founder and Perinatal Psychiatrist


Dr Lucinda Smith

Dr Lucinda Smith is a perinatal psychiatrist who has worked in perinatal mental health since 2006, predominantly with The Raphael Centre in Berwick, prior to founding GLOW Clinic with Dr Adaobi Udechuku.

Lucinda was recipient of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Madison Medallion for the top results across Australia and New Zealand, for all examination requirements.

She has since received a Sisters of St. John of God Fellowship and Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Block Family Memorial Scholarship to pursue further studies in perinatal mental health.

“I am passionate about perinatal mental health and improving outcomes for mums, infants and families, enabling people to reach their full potential.  I know that optimising all aspects of health and wellbeing during this critical period of life can improve outcomes for future generations.  I see this as the ultimate outcome of early intervention and preventative medicine.

I combine an eclectic and holistic approach including individual therapy, parent-infant therapy and medication, if needed. I consider all aspects of health including exercise, nutrition; and finding meaning, enjoyment and connection with infants and children. 

I have a keen interest in mindfulness and Buddhist practices and how these can benefit new parents during the transition to parenthood.  I have completed training in specific parent-infant therapies including Watch Wait and Wonder and Circle of Security.

I find it a pleasure and a privilege to work together with mothers and families during this exciting and challenging time.

Outside of perinatal psychiatry I have a keen interest in education and training, with heavy involvement in training new psychiatrists.

I am also a mother of two children so am well aware of the challenges and difficulties that come with parenting young children.  When I find the time I like to look after my own mind, body and GLOW by reading extensively and de-stressing at the gym.”

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