Dietitian / Nutritionist

Emily Rault-Harwood

Emily is an Accredited Practising Dietitian at GLOW Clinic Berwick Melbourne, whom established her passion for helping women, children and families understand the influence of nutrition on health and well-being, while travelling and completing a paediatric nutrition project in Fiji. She completed her Bachelor of Health Science and Nutritional Therapy at Victoria University, continuing her educational journey at Deakin University, where she graduated with a Master of Dietetics.

As a part of the collaborative GLOW team, Emily’s mission is to empower her clients to create sustainable lifestyle change that will make eating and maintaining good health simple. She recognises there are many confusing health and well-being messages promoted by the media and other individuals within our community, particularly around weight loss, pregnancy and feeding children. It is her aim to provide the most up to date, safe and researched advice to ensure you and your family are professionally and holistically looked after.

As a practitioner, Emily focuses on the importance of mindful eating, intuition and connection with your body signals. She encourages her clients to feel great and find peace with food.

Emily works with an array of clientele, with particular interests in maternal and child health nutrition, including the following areas;
• Nutrition in pregnancy
• Gestational Diabetes
• Weight neutralisation
• Fussy Eating
• Allergy and intolerance management
• Faltering Growth
I believe that there is more to food than just nutrition. We all have wonderful experiences with food, whether it be cultural, social, cooking, tasting, feeling or exploring. I love to travel and help those in our world that are most vulnerable. I have spent time in Fiji and Cambodia, teaching nutrition education and building schools to give children the opportunity for good health and education they deserve.

When I take off my Dietitian hat, I play basketball, coach basketball, develop recipes, practice yoga flow and spend time with my family and friends. Creating time for yourself is essential for finding mindfulness and the happiest you!

I have a natural connection to the philosophy shard by the team at GLOW Clinic. Our statement to optimise emotional health and well-being holistically, is the core of establishing significant changes.

I am excited to share this journey with you. It’s time to simply grow and GLOW.

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