Clinical Perinatal Psychologist 

Couples Counsellor

Romy Briner

Romy is a registered Clinical Perinatal Psychologist and  Couples Counsellor.  She has completed a Bachelor degree, an Honours degree and finally a Masters in Clinical Psychology at Deakin University. While Romy has experience treating a wide range of mental health concerns, Romy is passionate about supporting individuals and couples experiencing relationship challenges, including those pertaining to communication, parenting, feelings of disconnection, and fertility issues. 


It is through her relationship counselling experience that Romy became interested in supporting mothers and fathers during the perinatal period. Romy recognises that the perinatal period presents many challenges, as well as joy and hope, to parents and families. She understands the importance of accessible emotional and mental health support for parents and their infants during this crucial time. As such, Romy’s beliefs are strongly aligned with the vision and philosophy of GLOW Clinic.


Romy’s therapeutic approach largely incorporates aspects of Psychodynamic Therapy. She aims to help clients explore the meaning behind their experiences, and to understand the links between early life events and their current difficulties. Romy also uses techniques from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to help clients build awareness of their thoughts and feelings, and to create behavioural change.


"I recognise that reaching out to a psychologist takes considerable courage. Therefore, no matter who is sitting in front of me , I try  to provide a gentle, kind and flexible approach and to offer a safe space for self-reflection. I takes the time to listen carefully to people’s concerns and, together, to work out a way forward."


Outside of work, Romy enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, watching films, and singing

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