We believe that:

  • Every mother and infant is entitled to optimal emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Prioritising and improving a mother’s health and wellbeing, optimises her infant’s wellbeing and future potential.
  • Health is not just the absence of illness or disease but includes emotional, physical and social wellbeing.
Our clinic and model of care embodies these beliefs. A warm, contemporary hub that brings together like-minded clinical and wellness practitioners to provide perinatal emotional care, GLOW is:


We support the full spectrum of perinatal emotional health, from pre pregnancy to post pregnancy; and from wellness to significant psychological illness.


Emotional health and wellbeing needs are seamlessly met in the one space - a contemporary sanctuary that feels tranquil and calm, yet accommodates the playfulness that infants bring.


Our practitioners, mothers, infants, fathers and family members work together, toward shared goals.

Family focused

We are inclusive, taking a whole of family approach to perinatal wellness, including infants, fathers, and other family members.


We are focused on early detection and early intervention.


Our GLOW model of care is based on best practice and the latest evidence.

Welcome to GLOW. Together we will optimise your mind, body and GLOW.

To find out more about GLOW’s philosophy and beliefs please read our blog.
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