We Respect Your Need for Confidentiality, for Now and for the Future.

At GLOW, we take your privacy seriously. Privacy protection and confidentiality of health information is essential for quality health care. We are committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining confidentiality of your personal information.

In addition to our professional and ethical obligations, at a minimum, GLOW handles your personal information in accordance with Federal and State Privacy Law. This includes complying with the Federal Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) forming part of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Victorian Health Privacy Principles (HPPs) forming part of the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic).

More information about the APPs and HPPs can be found on the Australian Information Commissioner’s website

Our Privacy Policy

GLOW will collect and hold your personal information so that we may properly assess, diagnose, treat and be proactive in your health care needs.

The type of personal information we collect may include:
– personal details (name, address, date of birth, Medicare number)
– your medical history
– notes made during the course of a medical consultation
– referral to other health services providers
– results and reports received from other health service providers; and,
– credit card or direct debit information for billing purposes.

In an emergency, we will collect information from your next of kin or emergency contact details. Next of kin may include immediate family, friends or carers.

We will only use or disclose your personal information for purposes directly related to providing you with quality health care, or in ways you would reasonably expect us to use it in order to provide you with this service. In an emergency we may need to contact and share critical information with your nominated next of kin.

Storage of personal information

At GLOW, we will take all reasonable steps to protect the security of your personal information we hold, by:
– securing our premises
– using passwords on all electronic systems and databases to protect electronic information from unauthorised interference, access, modification or disclosure; and,
– storing hard copy records in secure filing cabinets or rooms that are accessible only to GLOW staff.

Access to your personal information

You have a right to access personal information we hold about you. Please contact our reception team for more information on our Access to Medical Records Policy.
If you have a query regarding our privacy policy, please contact our reception team who will be happy to discuss the matter with you.

Legal Disclaimer

Information not advice

Information provided on the GLOW website is of a general nature only and does not constitute professional medical advice. Should you need medical advice please contact a registered medical practitioner. Everyone has their own personal situation which may make reliance on general advice inapplicable or possibly dangerous in your circumstances. As a general rule you should never act or refrain from acting in relation to your health on the basis of information or advice you read on the internet.

Links to External Web Sites

GLOW’s website provides you with links to other websites for your information and convenience. Whilst we have selected websites we believe to provide high quality, reliable information, such links do not constitute our endorsement or approval of any website, product, service or information.

Disclaimer of Liability

At GLOW we always consider your wellbeing to be paramount and provision of accurate and complete information is an essential part of your care. We make every effort to provide quality information both in person and on our website. However, we cannot guarantee that there are no errors. GLOW does not assume any legal liability for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any general information we provide on this website.
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