Our GLOW Care Services: Optimising emotional health and wellbeing before, during and after pregnancy.

We promote and support wellness, through to management of psychological conditions and mental illness.

GLOW Care is provided by experienced and skilled clinical and wellness practitioners. Our practitioners attend to the perinatal emotional health needs of women, their partners, infants and families. Our broad range of services support health and wellbeing from preconception, to pregnancy, to postnatal and through to early parenting years.

At GLOW Care, we offer a range of women’s, infants’, fathers’ and family health and wellbeing services.
  • comprehensive assessment of biological, psychological and social needs for mothers and fathers
  • Assessment and Management Plan - Item 291
  • psychotropic medication advice and management
  • individual psychotherapy
  • parent-infant relationship assessment
  • parent-infant relationship therapy.
  • individual psychological therapy under Mental Health Care Plan
  • parent-Infant therapy
  • couples therapy.
  • infant assessment and therapy
  • child assessment and therapy
  • parent-infant therapy
  • family therapy
  • infant assessment and management
  • developmental and behavioural assessment and management
  • general paediatric assessment and management.
  • antenatal management in conjunction with a GP or Obstetrician
  • group antenatal classes
  • post natal home visits until 6 weeks after delivery
In-home individualised consultations focussing on early parenting concerns - infant cues, sleep, settling, toddler and preschool needs and behaviour.
  • individual lactation consultations
  • supportive small group sessions
  • assistance with weaning
  • specialized women’s health physiotherapy
  • pelvic floor assessment and management
  • Mums and Bubs exercise.
  • advice around optimal nutrition for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post pregnancy
  • optimal nutrition for both mother and baby whilst breastfeeding
  • assistance with healthy eating and weight management in pregnancy and post pregnancy
  • remedial massage
  • myotherapy
  • relaxation massage
  • group Infant massage classes
  • individual infant massage lessons
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