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Having a baby is probably one of the most important life events that a woman can experience.
It brings with it so many emotions ranging from utter joy to fear and trepidation...
And finally we hope, fulfilment… From whatever space you begin your pregnancy journey most
women will agree that they need and look for someone to help support them along the way.

It is just “too big” to do it alone.

You need the right people to be there for you while you prepare and work towards this new
change in your live. Believing that you can work it out, if you have someone to share your
worries and concerns with. Pregnancy, labour and birth is not just a physical process but a huge
mental and emotional over haul of who you are, where you have come from, and who you want to be
- if you even know that yet…

Fear and anxiety is counterproductive to emotional health and wellbeing.

Mothers need to be relaxed and enjoy their pregnancies, with professionals around them who
they know and trust and can help them prepare both mentally and emotionally for the road ahead. 
At GLOW we work alongside your Primary Carer, whether that is your Private Obstetrician,
GP/Obstetrician or hospital team, to provide the education and emotional support, that mothers and
fathers crave and need to be able to fulfil their new role as parents.

“If you nurture the mother, she can nurture her infant……”  

Research supports having a Midwife who you can share your fears with, who can explain how to
cope and what to expect, resulting to less anxiety and depression, producing good outcomes for
mothers and babies. Supporting you and your family is what we specialize in at GLOW. 

GLOW is all about “Community” and building a community of mothers, fathers, infants and families
who can help support one another. Pregnancy should be shared it, it should be a sociable time and
mothers should not feel alone, or that they are the only ones with fears, hopes or concerns.
It can be so liberating to learn that actually most mothers feel the same.
The strength gained from this unity cannot be denied.  

In our nurturing antenatal groups at GLOW we explore your feelings around your pregnancy,
whatever they are.  We explore how you feel about becoming a parent, sometimes we first need to
look at how you were parented and find out if this is something you want to replicate or not.
What about labour and birth? What challenges you most?
And how can we help you prepare so that you can yell: “Bring it On!!”
We know, mothers, get so focused on the birth that they forget the most important part of our journey
is just about to start.  Becoming a new mother/parent, there is so much to learn. 

With your focus on the bump, the wait and the push,
too often the parenting is left until the till the last minute – DON’T!

In GLOW’s Antenatal 4TH TRIMESTER Group we help you and your husband or partner
prepare for those critical early weeks setting you both up for the next 6 weeks, months and years to come
that you will be parents. Our Antenatal 4TH TRIMESTER Group ensures that when you welcome your baby
into the world you already have a sound education and useful information that you will feel prepared and
supported. You will enable you to say: “I am going to use my instincts, if I am calm and keep my baby close,
all will be well! Love is all that matters…”

Welcome to Midwifery @ GLOW & THE 4TH TRIMESTER!

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