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The Benefit of Touch – Infant Massage @ GLOW 

Infant massage is a common practice in many cultures and parts of the world including India, Bali, Fiji, New Guinea, New Zealand Maori, Venezuela, Nigeria and Uganda. Typically, infants are massaged with oil after their bath and prior to bed for several months from birth.  The practice has become increasingly popular in the west including Australia since the late 1980’s.

GLOW’s Infant Massage Therapist Lauren Dredge has training in infant massage through Infant Massage Services (IMS) to instruct parents and caregivers how to safely and effectively massage their children from the age of one month and beyond.

At GLOW, Lauren runs small group Infant massage classes that equip parents to provide the benefits of calming and reassuring touch to their infants.  Parents may also have individual sessions or together as a couple.

Lauren first demonstrates the massage on a doll so it doesn’t matter if their baby is asleep, feeding or upset during your lesson, they are then guided through the massage routine yourself so they can confidently perform it at home.  Parents can also purchase an illustrated manual to take home as a guide and prompt on any strokes that may have been forgotten.

“Knowing how to perform infant massage is an invaluable tool-something else parents have up their sleeve for those times at 3am when nothing else may be working to soothe your baby.”   Lauren Dredge

Studies have show number of benefits for infants and parents including improvements in the parent-infant interaction, infant sleep and weight gain, a reduction of depression scores in PND and enhance infant development.  From a practical standpoint, once taught, it is a simple intuitive and mutually enjoyable activity that parents can share with their infant

“Much like when we as adults treat ourselves to a massage at a spa, it releases serotonin which is our “feel good” hormone which means a calmer, happier baby-which is something we all want!”   Lauren Dredge

Lauren is also a qualified in Remedial Massage, and Myotherapy and specialised Nurture Life Pregnancy Massage practitioner enabling her to provide myotherapy and massage to mothers, fathers and infants - the entire family!

New parents need to consider self care as essential, rather than a luxury, so that they are able to best care for their infants. Massage is a great self care activity.


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