“There is no such thing as a baby…if you set out to describe a baby, you will find you are describing a baby and someone. A baby cannot exist alone but is essentially part of a relationship.”
― Winnicott D. W., 1964 [9].

Your infant’s development is dependent on your emotional health and wellbeing. It is mediated through his or her relationship with you.

In most instances, helping you recover will ensure your infant’s wellbeing. However sometimes, restoring your emotional health does not necessarily protect your infant. For this reason, we place as much emphasis on your infant’s emotional health and the parent-infant relationship, as we do on you.

Our Approach

We encourage you to bring your infant with you when you attend your GLOW appointments.

Whether you are having difficulty bonding with your infant or your infant is experiencing feeding, sleeping or settling difficulties we have a range of GLOW services to assist you, including:
  • GLOW Parent-Infant Therapy
  • GLOW Infant and Child Psychology
  • GLOW Paediatric Specialists
  • GLOW Early Parenting Consultants
  • GLOW Mums & Bubs Exercise Groups
  • GLOW Infant Massage.

Further information and resources

Royal Children’s Hospital parent fact sheets:
Raising Children:
Unsettled infant fact sheet:

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