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We are here to help realise the future potential of mothers, their infants, their families and our communities.

The arrival of your new baby into your family is a time of joy, celebration and wonder. Investing in your health and wellbeing after the birth of your new baby, is essential for you; your family’s and your infant’s future potential and wellbeing.

Welcoming a newborn infant home can be a challenging time for parents, couples and families. Research shows that psychological illness after birth is common. It also affects fathers and infants, and in turn impacts the community, at a cost to all. Here are some statistics showing the community impacts of psychological illness after birth:
  • In the first 3 months after birth, up to 14.5% of mothers suffer from Post Natal Depression (PND) [5]
  • Women with a history of bipolar disorder are at extreme risk of relapse after birth.
  • Up to 10% of new fathers are affected during the perinatal period [6].
  • Infants show negative effects into adolescence; [7] and,
  • A recent Australian report found that by the time a child turns two years old, the cost to the community is up to $500 million [8].
Whether you have had difficulties in the past such as postnatal depression, are worried that you are at risk or simply want to be in the best of health during early parenting years, you will find the help that you need at GLOW.

To learn more about postnatal health and wellbeing, visit our Post-pregnancy Resources and FAQs.
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