Our post-pregnancy emotional health and wellbeing services are tailored to help you GLOW.

Our range of emotional health, wellness and specialist services are comprehensive, and tailored to your and your baby’s needs. At GLOW, we know that parenting is not innate. We’re here to be a part of your, and your baby’s support network.

If you are seeking optimal emotional, physical and mental health after your baby is born, you will benefit from the following GLOW Care:
  • GLOW Dietitian: nutrition advice and management
  • GLOW Physiotherapist: strength, conditioning and core stability 
  • GLOW Yoga: strength, relaxation and mindfulness
If you are at risk, or experiencing psychological distress or illness after the birth of your baby, your GLOW Psychologist will work with you. Psychological therapies will reduce your risk. You will also learn tools and strategies to better manage your distress and illness.

If you have a past history or current significant psychological illness (such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder), your GLOW Psychiatrist will work with you. A thorough bio-psycho-social assessment will inform your way forward. Together, you will create your management plan which may include:
  • psychotherapy (talking therapy)
  • medication review and management, such as cessation, reduction or change of your medication in a safe and supervised manner
  • addressing other illnesses, such as thyroid disorders.
If you have required assisted reproduction, such as IVF you may benefit from psychological support following what is often a very stressful time.

You are encouraged to attend with your infant to discuss your adjustment to parenting and assess your parent-infant relationship. You may benefit from:
  • GLOW Lactation Consultants: individual consultations and supportive small group sessions to assist with all breastfeeding concerns
  • GLOW Early Parenting Consultants: in-home individualised consultations focussing on early parenting concerns - infant cues, sleep, settling, toddler and preschool needs and behaviour
  • GLOW Massage: small group and individual infant massage and sublime parental relaxation and remedial massage
  • GLOW Parent-infant/Child Therapy: interactive therapist supported sessions to help you understand your infant or child and optimise the parent-infant relationship.
Fathers and partners are encouraged to attend to support their partner and discuss their adjustment to parenthood, for their own support. All post-pregnancy clinical services are available to fathers and partners.

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