At GLOW, this contemporary and expanded definition of health is central to our philosophy and integrated into the care that every practitioner at GLOW provides. 

During the perinatal period, there is a growing evidence base that shows:

  • The critical importance of maternal nutrition on maternal outcomes and infant / child emotional and physical development
  • The benefits of maternal and infant massage on maternal and infant wellbeing 
  • The effectiveness of exercise and mind-body modalities such as mindfulness and yoga on perinatal anxiety and depression.
In response, GLOW is unique in offering a range of services that specifically focus on wellbeing and wellness:

GLOW Dietetics and Nutrition
  • GLOW Accredited Practicing Dietitian & Nutritionist Emily Rault-Harwood ensures that mothers, fathers and children achieve:
  • optimal nutrition from pre-pregnancy and pregnancy through to post pregnancy and during breast feeding
  • healthy eating and weight management during pregnancy and post pregnancy
  • Gestational Diabetes nutritional management
  • Fussy Eating
  • Allergy and intolerance management
  • Faltering Growth
GLOW Massage
  • remedial massage
  • myotherapy
  • relaxation massage
  • group infant massage classes
  • individual infant massage.
  • GLOW Fit  designed and led by GLOW Physio Genia Bamakov
  • A range of exercises taught in a class setting
  • Develop your core and pelvic floor
  • Increase your flexibility & strength
  • Rehabilitate your injuries
  • Small group, baby friendly, Private Health Insurance rebates available
  • Click here more info/to register
GLOW Mindfulness

In collaboration with Kellie Edwards Psychologist, Mindfulness Teacher, Parenting Educator and creator of internationally recognised Mindfulness 4 Mothers GLOW brings mindfulness to parents, infants and families in Melbourne's South East

Mindfulness 4 Mothers Online - unique world-class online program offering over 44 Lectures and 7.5 hours of content accessible to you anytime you need
  • interviews with 13 world leaders in mindfulness, self compassion, parenthood and positive psychology
  • Including Tara Brach,  Rick Hanson and Dr Craig Hassad
  • downloadable exercises that will support your ongoing well-being and happiness
  • Special GLOW discounted price $50 AUD saving $90 AUD ($65 USD )  discounted from $140 AUD ($99 USD)
  • To find out more click here

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Most wellness services can be accessed without a referral from your GP or Obstetrician, and may be covered by private health insurance.
GLOW Dietetics and GLOW Mindfulness with a referral may attract a Medicare rebate.

For further details please see our current consultation and services fee schedule.
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