Optimise your mind, body and GLOW during pregnancy to secure your infant’s future potential.

GLOW Clinic is here to help.

Congratulations you are pregnant!

You are about to embark upon one of the most exciting and daunting periods in your life. Optimising your health and wellbeing during your pregnancy is essential for you; your family’s and your infant’s future potential and wellbeing.

Unfortunately for a number of women pregnancy can be a period of stress and lead to significant psychological illness which:
  • is common. 7% to 13% of pregnant women have depression [1]
  • affects your baby’s physical and emotional development. Some of these developmental effects persist through to teenage years [2]
  • often continue after birth. Up to 50% of women with antenatal depression develop postnatal depression [3].
Whether you have had difficulties in the past such as postnatal depression or anxiety, are worried that you are at risk or simply want to be in the best of health during your pregnancy, you will find the help that you need at GLOW.

To learn more about pregnancy health and wellbeing, visit our Pregnancy Helpful Resources and FAQs.
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